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If you’re looking for info about the top toys for Christmas 2013, congratulations, I’ve made ​​the list of top toys 2013 here. Various types of toys that became best toys 2013 on the list is the result of my survey from several sources. These toys will be the best Christmas gifts 2013 that will be hunted down a lot of people. Your child will be very happy to accept it because this is their dream.

All right, please observe the hot Christmas toys list below:


Toys for Kids 18 months to 2 years

Toys for Kids 3 to 5 years


Toys for Kids 6 to 7 years


Toys for Kids 8 to 10 years

Top Toys 2013 List

At a warehouse in my house still kept a large Christmas tree. The Christmas tree we made ​​last year to decorate the family room. The time that all family members get together. We lit candles, sang holy night, and say Merry Christmas to each other with joy.

It was Christmas Day, a special day in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. As humans we are very lucky, because God sacrificed Himself for our salvation. That privilege Christmas.
After Christmas passed, the people will welcome the New Year. With new vigor they are prepared for the next year, to achieve greater success than previous years.

What about your Christmas? Have you prepared it? What gift would you give to those you care about? Did you already get info about top Christmas gifts 2013 for your reference? Let the spirit! Today was I was looking for Christmas gift ideas 2013 and the hottest toys 2013, because I wanted to give the best gifts for the people I care about.

For children, the most they dream gift is the best toy of the year. That’s why the info about the top toys of 2013 is needed. From there we could choose from the many popular toys for Christmas 2013, to be adapted to the needs of our children.

Do you already know what toys are the hottest toys of 2013? I have some info about hottest Christmas toys 2013 toys which is sought after by many people such as Heartbreaker Rebelle Nerf Bow, The Pug Ugglys Electronic Pet and FurReal Friends My Giggly Monkey Cuddles Pet. In addition there are many best toys for Christmas 2013 else can you learn from the list that I have made.

We can buy the best Christmas toys 2013 through toy stores, both online and offline. At the store, usually we will get reviews about the top Christmas toys 2013 as our guide in shopping. But if you do not have time, you can immediately see the popular toys for Christmas 2013 and found the hottest toys for 2013 that you like most. I would recommend an online store with a very good reputation and quality.

Well, congratulations to welcome Christmas this year. Let’s Brighten Christmas by giving the hottest Christmas toys 2013 as a special gift for our children. May the Christmas Peace be with you and your family?

Toys for 4 year old boys 2014

I want to make a list of toys for 4 year old boys 2014 which is the best option and the best interests of the children. I have collected these toys and then make the list here. If you are interested in any of toys for boys age 4 in the list above, you will get information about the customer reviews, the best prices, and other alternative toys that will enrich your choice.

Age four is a period of pre-school. In this age the education base on literacy and numeracy are very important. It would be very useful if we choose a toy to consider these things. If the educational process is packaged in the form of toys, our children would be more like it. Thus he will learn as he plays.

Well, this is the list of toys for four year old boys 2014 that your child might like:



Finding toys for 2 year olds 2014

When we look for toys for 2 year olds, there are some important things that need our attention, so we choose the most appropriate toys. 2 year old child normally has started to walk. In this period of physical activity has been improved a lot. Curiosity in things around him is huge. His days are filled with adventure to new things.

Toys for 2 year olds should be made of materials that are safe, attractive color and contain educational value to the children about life and the surrounding environment. Well, here are some best toys 2014 for 2 year old that you can make reference. You can learn the customer’s review of the toy so you know the quality of the toy.



best toys 2014 | the top toys 2014 dan top toys for Christmas 2014 review

Do you already know, such as what would be the top toys 2014? Developer’s toys have to innovate on the toys they produce each year and this year we are going to prove it again on the best toys 2014. The kids really liked the interactive toy. This is what will dominate the hottest toys of 2014. At Christmas last year we see many interactive toys. FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Pet Monkey is one of the highly preferred interactive toys by children.

So, the toys which can interact with your child will be top toys for Christmas 2014. Your kids will definitely very excite when he received Christmas toys 2014. They will say a prayer and hope that Santa Claus will bring toys for them. They will try to be good and obedient to their parents. As a parent, of course you are happy, right?

My Little Pony, Your Girl will love it

Each girls usually like the characters of funny animals. Hence we often see cute stuffed animal shaped like bears, pandas, rabbits and monkeys. We can met this themed pet toys at a toy store. One of the most stuffed animals that loved by daughter is My Little Pony. The interesting features in this indeed be the dominant attraction for the children. If you wear a tiara on her head, My Little Pony will encourage your child to talk and sing.

My Little Pony produced by Hasbro since 1983. This doll shaped like a cute little pony, equipped with beautiful eyes and a pair of wings. This doll looks beautiful because it has too beautiful accessories. The character of this doll is certainly well suited to the soft nature girl and gorgeous. My Little Pony has been made ​​in several generations and is still favored by girls today.

Your daughter will be very happy if you give one of the top toys 2013 toys as Christmas gifts this year. These toys are very popular so chances are your child already knows in advance. She could see this toy has been promoted in one television station as one of the best toys this year. You can get these toys online at

Triple Track Twister Track Set, Play more fun with Hot Wheel

When I took my son go to the Supermarket, the first place he landed is the toy store. And as usual, he saw the first time was a row of miniature cars with details very clearly made ​​by  Hot Wheels. Please show me, where boys who do not like the toy cars from hot wheels ? I’m sure all the boys will love this toy. Hot Wheels created a miniature car with a smaller scale so that we can handheld and play. Hot Wheels look like seeing a real car, but in a smaller form. The details on this toy car made ​​it very clear and neat. The materials used are also strong. These toy cars made of die-cast so that it becomes more powerful and durable.This time Hot Wheels issued a supplementary toy car called Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set. It is a circuit where your hot wheels toy cars will go fast and cool. The track is curved and twisted so give the impression of a very unique and dynamic. I’m sure the kids will not get bored playing with this circuit.Hot Wheels Track Set Triple Track Twister is one of the top toys 2013 that favored by boys. If they are fans of the toy cars hot wheel, they would be very happy if get this toy as a gift. And when they play it, I am sure, not just the kids who love, the father will also enjoy this toy.

Furby, the cute alien who come to the world

Furby is a very cute toy. I most exasperated look round eyes wide, as well as rabbit ears wide. I often think, in the real world, including the type of animal does Furby? Hahaha, I have not found it until now. But to me Furby is an intelligent animal and fun, so when I think about it, Furby more worthy of aliens called the animal. Well, he is an alien who has come to earth. It turns out that the aliens were so cute and fun.

Last year, Furby dolls have won the hearts of children. There are many parents who buy this toy as a Christmas gift. At this year’s this doll has managed to repeat the same success. This toy has become one of the top toys 2013, which had played a Christmas mood this year. If you see the list of the best-selling toys, the doll Furby will be included.

I immediately love with this doll when looking at its small and cute. Wavy blue feathers combined with a fresh look and big ears. Clear bright eyes will evoke the joy of children who play with him. There are some apps that you can play. You can feed health checkups, bathe, and others.

If the toy is successfully reaching this milestone, then it is a proof that Furby is a quality toy. You can give this toy as a Christmas gift for your children aged 6 years and older. This toy is not only for girls. Boy should also have it if he wants.

Many children like this slovenly dog

I want to show you a stuffed dog that scary. WHUAAA…!!! Try to see this dog puppet. What did you think when you watch? I saw a puppy that dirty because dirt covered his mouth. The dog’s nose is also runny. Wow, really disgusting. I do not want to go near a dog like. Luckily it’s just a toy and not a real dog. Although dirty, the puppy looks funny and enjoyable. Body fat brown, purple ears and bulging eyes wide…. HGR, HGR… I could feel the dog’s growling voice.

Perhaps because of its unique, there are a lot of kids who love to play with this puppy. This dog is also one of the top toys 2013. Wow, great does not it? Children may like the style of this puppy looks weird though. Visually, it was presented with a nice doll. I believe that having an idea about the coloring on this toy is an artist.

So how, do you agree if this toy was included in best Christmas gifts 2013? Is this dog toy can win the hearts of children at Christmas this year? Well, let’s see, how strong this dog toy can compete with other toys to capture the hearts of children at the end of the year.

Barbie Dream House, Your Daughter will love it

We often see Barbie movie on television. My daughter really liked this movie. She will take her Barbie doll and watch this movie until the end. Every girl must have known Barbie. Barbie doll is a slim beautiful girl with long hair and fashionable clothe. This toy is become one of the best toys 2013 and always preferred by girls since it’s created. The movie about the life of Barbie that comes on TV is also very liked by children. After watching the Barbie movie, girls will take her Barbie dolls and play like the movie.

For completeness in playing Barbie dolls, Mattel created a Barbie Dream House which is very beautiful. Barbie house is pink and purple. There is some elevation and into the spaces on the Barbie house. Each room has a specific function such as a kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Barbie doll playing will be more perfect if using Barbie’s house.

Although not a new type of toy, Barbie Dream House is now included in the top toys 2013. If your child loves to play Barbie dolls, it would be incomplete if it did not use the Barbie house. The price is quite expensive, but you can try it on, because usually there are attractive discounts that you can get from there.

The importance of toys to shape the kids character

A true winner is he who still rise despite being dropped. He will never give up. He will keep seek the opportunities and build hope. All challenge that confronts him will be faced and finish. Although the results are bad, it will not affect the morale of a winner. He will still execute all the plans and are not affected by the outcome. He will also continue with his plan to not be affected by his mood. That is the mental of warrior.

We certainly want each of our children has a mental warrior. We certainly want our children to grow into a man who never gave up, despite the obstacles and challenges always come off. Strong people will never surrender to face reality. Strong people will always go forward and not affected by environment and mood. The purpose of life is only referring to a plan he had made earlier.

One of child instructional media in order to be a strong man is through toys. Maybe at first you think it is too trivial. Maybe you think that the toys our children just for entertainment. But in fact do not like it. There is a great potential that we can get from the toy. Appropriate toys will shape the character of children. Where can we get the toys? Well, on this site I have made a list of top toys 2013 that you can make a guide. Have nice shopping toys.

Dogs can be a true friend for your child

For animal lovers dog, Zoomer presence is encouraging news. Dogs are very smart pets. He could be a human’s best friend. Do you remember the movie Hachiko? The Dogs of Japan has shown remarkable loyalty. He’s still waiting for his master who has died presence for years. That’s an awesome dog loyalty.

Your children who 5 years old may also want to keep a dog. But sometimes we rather doubt whether our child is really ready to maintain it. Getting a dog is very enjoyable although not an easy thing. There is a responsibility that should be run as a dog owner. We have to feed it, bathe it and take it out. Can your child ready to do it all ?

The present Zoomer which is one of best toys 2013 gave an answer. You can buy this dog toy for your child who wants to have a dog. Zoomer certainly easier to maintain than a real dog. You do not need to feed him and bathe. You only need to recharge the battery if it is exhausted. So, let your child begin to have their pets themselves.